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Are you an innovative farmer,
contractor or grower?


Together we are stronger

Together we dare to take the step to master this new technology. Use Robot One as your new multifunctional employee.

Arjen and Winny van Buuren increase the biodiversity of their estate by using the Pixelfarming method: more than 30 crops are grown in pixels of 1.50m x 1.50m.

The fine leafs of carrots are challenging to use robots. Our refined recognition and newly developed tools, allow you to start using Robot One in your daily work.

Together with TOG, we invest in innovations that are of great importance to both growers and processors. We develop and improve all about the green bean.

Soil improvement

As an innovative arable farmer, it is possible to grow your chemical free and weed-free crops with Robot One. Saving you the high costs of glyphosate. Robot One keeps your soil healthy

Join our onboarding program. Do you have an agricultural challenge for a specific crop or do you want to control weeds without chemicals? With our onboarding program we join forces and face the challenges together.

2020 was a successful year. We performed several field tests with Robot One. We learned and recognized new crops and travelled through the country to offer weeding as a service. 

Do more, with less labor

The shortage of personnel in agriculture causes stagnation in business processes and wages continue to rise. As a result, many farmers miss out on income. A good alternative is robotisation of manual work. Robot One can reduce the pressure on the demand for (seasonal) workers

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