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Do more, with less labor

The shortage of personnel in agriculture causes stagnation in business processes and wages continue to rise.As a result, many farmers miss out on income. A good alternative is robotisation of this work. Robot One can reduce the pressure on the demand for (seasonal) workers.

Healthy crops

As an innovative arable farmer, it is already possible with Robot One to grow your chemistry-free and weed-free crops. This saves you the high costs of glyphosate and keeps your soil healthy.

All in one

Various tools can be placed on the arms of the robot. The hoe can be replaced by, for example, a cutter, harrow or spit, so that the robot can be used very multifunctionally.

Robot One Operating System

The Robot One runs on a powerful software application that we continue to update. This makes both the hardware and the software future-proof.

Robot One

An all-in-one robot. Read the specifications of Robot One and convince yourself of the possibilities.

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Proof Your Future

Chemically and weed-free cultivation is possible with Robot One. Built for now and focused on the future.