About us

We design and manufacture advanced agricultural robots to support biodiverse farming

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Pixelfarming offers an alternative approach for
implementing digital technology and robotics in agriculture. 

How it all started

In 2017 four people started a new type of farm where crops are grown without pesticides using technology that resembles a robot. This resulted in a team that built several robots, leading to the development of the Robot One. 

Team members

Meet the founders.

Our team consists of a large group of committed people.
Arend Koekkoek

Responsible for business development, partnerships and creating a strategic vision in agricultural transition supported with robot technology. 

Ronald de Kort

Responsible for business management, operations, strategic planning and organization development. 

Kees Westein

Responsible for technical development, implementation and delivery of robotic platforms at customer sites. 


Initial year






Student projects




Pixelfarming offers an alternative approach for implementing digital technology and robotics in agriculture. In the optimal situation, all crops are in the right place to achieve a maximum yield. This optimum can be calculated and predicted with the use of computer models. After using a model, the crops can be planted, nursed and harvested using robot technology. 

Robot One

Robot One is designed for controlling weeds without using pesticides. By combining digital technology with robust tools, an advanced machine has been built for biodiverse agriculture using smart biology. Because agriculture is not limited to one crop, Robot One is used on more than 40 crops, including green beans, carrots, sugar beet and lupine. All of this is done at production speeds for large scale farming. 

Future Farming

As a Dutch market leader we expect to create international expansion with over 150 Robot One’s in 2024. We aim to be the reference implementation with creating a premium autonomous robot platform for sustainable agriculture.

Pixelfarming Robotics’ Robot One is a smart agricultural robot for biodiverse farming, designed to control weeds without the use of pesticides. It is designed to control plants and weeds autonomously, based on vision and ready to be equipped with tools for specific crop treatment. 

Smart farming is all about smart biology. The technology that makes this a reality requires knowledge to be transformed from the bright minds into digital applications and data. The Pixelfarming Academy is the environment where Robot One users can train their robot.