About us

Robot One has been realized through a strong collaboration between innovative companies. By bundling our knowledge and combining it with digital technology, we are ready for the future.

Pixelfarming Robotics

Pixelfarming Robotics is a supplier of Agri-food robotics. We believe in the development of a sustainable world. The use of the right technology makes sustainability possible. Together with partners we work on the continuous development of sustainable solutions.

Campus Almkerk

The Campus Almkerk is an innovation center for agriculture and sustainability. This meets a social need in which liveability, small-scale food production, as well as sustainability and innovation play an important role. The Campus invests in activities with a high social relevance. Collective self-sufficiency plays an important role in this.


IDEA-X is an innovative technology supplier. The originally IT company has developed into an overall technology partner focused on sustainable innovation. The company’s own software platform is now being used successfully in various industries as a driver for innovation.