Agrobots at work in Carrots

Agrobots at work in Carrots


About BioTrio

BioTrio is an innovative organic arable farm in Langeweg, North Brabant. On 135 hectares, Kees van Beek and Jaap Korteweg work together to grow sustainable and honest products.

“In the vast polders, we work with care for the soil, nature and the environment. In this way we ensure that the fertile land is preserved for future generations.
Our aim is to cultivate sustainably in a modern and large-scale manner. “

And with success! The province of North Brabant named BioTrio the winner of the Agrofoodpluim in July 2016. The jury praised the sustainable business operations, active knowledge sharing and set BioTrio as an example for arable farmers who want to switch to organic farming.

Crop cultivation: Carrots and spinach
Segment: Organic industrial farming

The use

Weed control in spinach and carrot crops.

The goal

Successfully applying the agro Robot One in this crop to replace manual weed control, by 80% reduction in manual labor at the same weed pressure.