Agrobots at work in Dahlia’s

Agrobots at work in Dahlia’s

CJ Huiberts en Zn.

About Huiberts

For many years John has grown tulips, daffodils, crocuses and other bulbous plants. In February 2013, they started sustainable flower bulb cultivation in their farm. It had become clear to them in recent years that not all diseases and pests could be controlled by chemical means. Diseases kept popping up. It was time for a different perspective on bulb cultivation.

It started with a course in soil biology. This made it clear to them that there is a better way to healthy quality products. Working with nature instead of fighting it. From being sustainable, they made the move to organic cultivation. They are certified by SKAL and now grow organic flower bulbs. The basic principle is: healthy soil gives healthy crop.

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Crop cultivation: Dahlia’s
Segment: Organic flower bulb cultivation

The use

Weed control in organic flower bulb cultivation, especially Dahlias.

The goal

The successful application of agro Robot One in this crop and be an example of successful chemical-free flower bulb cultivation to convince the industry.