Agrobots at work in Pixelfarming

Agrobot Pixelfarming

Agrobots at work in Pixelfarming

Velhorst Estate

About Velhorst

Velhorst wants to contribute to healthy food and soil for now and in the future. They do this through sustainable agricultural management on Velhorst Estate for a positive effect on biodiversity, nature and their products, in which Winny and Arjen involve, connect and inspire citizens and society.

Velhorst is SKAL certified and also has the Certificate for Food Safety (VVAK).


Crop cultivation: Biodiverse crop cultivation
Segment: Mixed cropping

The use

Weed control in plots with mixed cropping and strip cropping.

The goal

Successfully applying the agro Robot One in this crop to replace manual weed control, by 80% reduction in manual labor at the same weed pressure.