Agrobots at work in regular agriculture

Robot One

Agrobots at work in regular agriculture

Oomen Akkerbouw en loonwerk

About Oomen BV

Oomen Landbouw & Loonwerk specializes in the arable, livestock, infra and canning sectors. The work is carried out with a modern fleet of machinery, often adapted to their own needs and requirements. The motto “Maximum return from your hectare” is maintained as a guiding principle throughout the organization.

From the Almkerk branch, they serve a working area that stretches across the entire province of North Brabant, South Holland and Zeeland and supports the cultivation of potatoes, chicory, cereals, grass seed, sugar beets, onions and flax.

Crop cultivation: Chicory, potatoes, sugar beet
Segment: Agricultural contracting

The use

Weed control in plots of chicory, sugar beets and potatoes on a variety of soil types on behalf of regional farmers.

The goal

Successfully applying the agro Robot One to various plots in the region as a contract worker.