Green Bean

test samenvatting

Test with hoeing between the rows 

Video © Nieuwe Oogst / Arie Meijer

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Let’s meet TOG

TOG, the Dutch foundation for growers and processors of industrial vegetables are looking for solutions to cultivate various crops without chemicals. Last year we started field tests with Robot One and green beans. 

– Read all about TOG at their website.

Robot One drives in green bean field

In regular cultivation, the beans grown too fast to be able to test weed control in the early growth stages. That is why we decided to construct 3 test fields on the Campus in Almkerk, where we can still test image recognition and hoeing strategies for the foundation. 
Last June, we visited a green bean field in the South of The Netherlands. We introduced our Robot One to a group of farmers. We learned a lot, such as the different soil conditions in the south.

What are we doing?

  • Test with hoeing between the rows.
  • Test with hoeing based on recognition.
  • Test image recognition of green beans in different growth stages.

This case lasts till the end of 2021