Let’s meet Velhorst

Let’s meet Velhorst

Arjen and Winny van Buuren, residents of Velhorst estate, want to increase the biodiversity and the nature values ​​of their estate. They do this by creating flowery field margins, strip cultivating and implementing the Pixelfarming method. More than 30 crops are grown in pixels of 1.50mx 1.50m.

In order to apply Pixelfarming on a large scale, the use of a multifunctional agricultural robot is necessary. In June 2021, Robot One visited Velhorst twice to weed between and in the pixels.

In this project, the researchers of Wageningen University will monitor the crops and measure yields, and with this information map out which crops thrive alongside each other and which do not.

By obtaining data, we will be able to grow crops in the future that live side by side in symbiosis, thereby reinforcing each other and not competing.

‘Big step for the agricultural sector’, the regional news sender RTV Oost made an item about our revolutionary chemical-free weed controller.

Pixelfarming Academy

With the use of Pixelfarming Academy a cultivation plan has been made. The position of crops that reinforce each other, and plants that prefer not to grow next to each other, have been taken into account.

Hoeing between the rows