Farmer Henk wants to replace the manual labor for removing weeds with a mechanical solution. Robot One can offer this solution by using hoes for weed removal between the standard rows of lupine.

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Let’s meet farmer Henk

” We love cooking, good food and socializing with friends. In 2014 we bought our farm in the Brabant countryside and started planting and sowing many special vegetables. Vegetables that you will not easily find in a restaurant, let alone in the supermarket. We call them: forgotten vegetables (because they are). “  

– Henk, interview Bijzonder Brabants 

Field test with Robot One

On the 2nd of June we went with Robot One to Deurne to do some test runs in the field with Lupine. We tested the autonomous functions of the robot, and gained knowledge about this special kind of soil.
In 2021 we will go back to Boer Henk to continue the combat of the weeds!

Lupinus Angustifolius

The lupine was imported from North America in the 19th century. This species is not distinguished by flower color, but by the narrow leaf segments in the palmate leaf. Lupine is an ideal protein crop for human consumption. Lupine is a great local alternative to imported soy from tropical countries (for which valuable jungle is often cut down). In addition, lupine does not need to be fertilized because it binds nitrogen from the air, and this cultivation improves the soil structure. Lupine is an excellent meat substitute.