Future proof

Chemical and weed-free cultivation, with the maximum possibilities of Robot One.

Weeds are the biggest problem in arable farming. Weed control is a high cost item and chemistry affects the quality of our soil. In addition, chemical pesticides may be used less and less. This requires a different approach.

Robot One from Pixelfarming Robotics is specially designed for weed control without the use of pesticides. The ten arms on the robot can be adjusted separately for width and height. This allows flexible distances between rows. With Robot One, many soil compositions and crops can be worked on.

Combined cultivation

A total of ten arms are available within the frame of Robot One. These are all multifunctional and individually adjustable in row width and working depth. A single row allows you to work with several implements at the same time, allowing it to deal with a large-scale biodiverse environment.

Soil improvement

Subsoil compaction due to current mechanisation leads to loss of yield, quality and reduced water storage. Due to the light weight of Robot One, this problem can be prevented. Robot One is also suitable for non-inversion tillage (non-inversion tillage), resulting in better development of soil life, better soil structure and better water infiltration.

More work, with less labor

The shortage of personnel in agriculture causes stagnation in business processes and wages continue to rise. As a result, many farmers are losing income. A good alternative is roboticisation of this labour. Robot One can reduce the pressure on the demand for (seasonal) workers.


With the current mechanisation it is sometimes not possible for farmers to work the land at crucial moments in wet periods. Because of its light weight and robust wheels, Robot One is very suitable to perform in most weather conditions.


Various tools can be placed on the robot’s arms. The hoe can be replaced by, for example, a milling machine, harrow or spit which makes the robot very multifunctional.

High tech

By using today’s modern technology, we can take a step in the agricultural transition. This will enable us to tackle environmental and business problems.

All electric

The electric robot drives autonomously through the country on solar energy. There are solar panels on the roof that charge the battery while driving. The electric motor gives a powerful drive and thanks to the robust tyres the lightweight Robot One can handle many terrains.


Robot One is easily expandable with new features. For example, new tools can easily be developed on Robot One. The software can also be expanded with new features as soon as they are needed. In this way Robot One is ready for the future.